Turkish Towels

My new favorite trend is Turkish towels.  They are EVERYWHERE!  Here’s some inspiration… L’Aviva Home Longest Thread Anthropologie So I spent weeks “oooh”ing and “ahhhh”ing over all of these.  And then I walked into Target one afternoon and found this beautiful rug on an end cap for under $15! Once I bought the rug, I […]

Cute Storage Bin Cubes

I’m a toy freak!!! I can’t handle having the kids’ toys everywhere. I am naturally an organized person and I am so much happier when things are in their place. Yes, it’s awful, I know.  However, this makes for a “pretty” space most of the time, especially with kids running around. I’ve learned the key […]

DIY Shutters

This past year we revamped our guest room and I had a large wall to fill.  Being that it was a “guest room”, I wanted to stay away from anything personalized…like family photos, etc.  I think large walls are the most difficult to decorate.  I typically think of a gallery wall or large mirror to […]

THE Kitchen Remodel-Part 1

I decided to break this down into 3 parts because no kitchen remodel can be summed up in one post! So here we go… Part One: Planning Before we “broke ground” on our kitchen a lot had to happen. We had to get an idea of what a kitchen remodel would cost and see if […]

Back to School Printables

It’s that time of year again…BACK TO SCHOOL! So sad, I know. Summer went by far too quickly. We renovated our kitchen(post to come) and took our first official family vacay as a family of 4! It was spectacular! The end! Here are some FREE 8×10 prints for your babies as you send them off […]


Where my girls at?! I am so excited to share Rocksbox with you! Rocksbox is a jewelry subscription with unlimited access to rent from a closet of designer jewelry! How awesome does that sound? I recently subscribed and created a profile with some of my fave jewelry from the site. You basically answer a few […]

Best Pro-Inspired Ranges

I like to dream.  A lot.  About life, our future and currently: KITCHENS!  We all know appliances make or break a kitchen!  And right now, professional appliances are quite the hype.  However, the pro-prices are no bueno.  Who wouldn’t want a Wolf Sub-Zero range??? Isn’t it pretty?!  But, seriously….sit down…..They range between $6,540-$16,865!!!!  I dunno about you, […]

$99 Jenny Lind Bed & Asher’s Room Tour

My baby boy turned TWO yesterday!  It was sureal-yup-time flies-I know-we’ve all heard it! We celebrated with donuts, chick-fil-a, balloons, the movies and burritos!  Does it get any better?  This little boy is such a blessing to our lives!  Never a dull moment-he’s 100% BOY! One of my so-called birthday gifts for my son was […]

How to Whitewash Your Fireplace

One of my most favorite things about our house is the floor to cieling fireplace.  However, it was kinda old.  Kinda dusty.  Kinda dingy.  It needed a facelift.  But I just didn’t want to commit to the all-white brick.  So, along came the white-wash.  After all, white is my favorite color. This is possibly the easiest […]

Freshly Picked Review

My kids each have a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins.  So, many of you have asked….do they actually wear them outside?  Like walking?  Like even Lila (my 3 year old)?  The answer is YES, YES, YES.  We wear the crap out of them.  Literally.  Asher tore a hole through his moccs about a month after […]